A semi-regular roundup of links

World cup results for hackers. Uses Soccer For Good API
Nothing like getting sports scores and info in your Terminal!


submitted by Rachel White

“Statistical Renaming, Type Inference and Deobfuscation”


submitted by Joe Sepi

Create a TV Show Tracker using AngularJS, Node.js and MongoDB
An introduction to full-stack javascript development that uses express on the backend, mongodb for data storage, and AngularJS on the client.

submitted by Sean Dunn

Colorize log files on CentOS and Ubuntu using ccze tool
Even though you might be using centralized logging tools like Splunk, Logstash, or Sumologic, occasionally you just want to go in and tail a log yourself. Ccze is an awesome, custom-color formatting tool that makes the arduous task of reading/searching through logs a little more pleasant.


submitted by Malcolm Jones

CSS Shapes and CSS Compositing & Blending in Safari 8
Some CSS Specs getting some love.

submitted by Joe Sepi

Slush – A Better Web App Scaffolding Tool
Slush, which relies more on Gulp, hopes to replace Yeoman.

Slush – A Better Web App Scaffolding Tool

submitted by Joe Sepi

Command-line radio for computer geeks. If you absolutely love command line interfaces, try using cmd.fm, powered by Soundcloud! Keep an eye out for the easter eggs!! ( Hint: type in flappybird or mario … look for the others too)


submitted by Malcolm Jones

Announcing MobileVis
Bocoup is bringing data visualization to mobile devices.

submitted by Joe Sepi

Hya: JavaScript Synths and Plugins – DailyJS
This is a bit of a meta share — a DailyJS post highlighting recent changes (and renaming of) this great “web-based, plugin-based audio application that supports hardware MIDI though Web MIDI, audio synthesis, sequencers, and lots of plugins.”

Hya: JavaScript Synths and Plugins

submitted by Joe Sepi

One Closed Api at a Time, the Era of the Open Web May Be Waning
The New Adobe Creative SDK
A double post: the first link highlights the trend of many companies closing their public APIs. The second link, by contrast, is the recently announced (soon to be publicly available) Adobe SDK. The same APIs that power Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps will be available to developers for use in their own apps.

adobe creative sdk

submitted by Joe Sepi

Phantomas – PhantomJS-based web performance metrics collector and monitoring tool
The bullet point that caught my attention:

  • in-depth metrics such as: number of events bound via jQuery, calls to window.writeor complex and duplicated CSS selectors (via analyze-css)

submitted byJoe Sepi

The Wall Street Journal goes augmented reality
I first saw the tweet from @jonkeegan, the Director of Interactive Graphics @WSJ and later found this article talking more about the “print feature.”

WSJ augmented reality

submitted by Joe Sepi

Announcing ngCordova: Simple AngularJS Cordova Extensions
An exciting, new project that gives you direct access to plugins and native mobile features through AngularJS.

Announcing ngCordova: Simple AngularJS Cordova Extensions

submitted by Joe Sepi

This isn’t necessarily new, but I keep coming back to it. It’s a JS UI library for mobile webapps.


submitted by Joe Sepi