This post is part of a series where Behance developers talk about the various tools they use to get things done and make ideas happen.

1) Who are you and what do you do at Behance?

I’m Rachel White, and I’m a Software Engineer. I’m on the JavaScript team and I mostly work on refactoring legacy code to be more up-to-date with new standards we’ve set for ourselves. Sometimes I work on CSS projects and prototyping new ideas for the site, too.

2) What hardware do you use?

At work I keep it simple with the same 15″ retina MBP everyone has, one external 27″ thunderbolt display, and one 24″ Dell display. At home I built my own tower with a GTX 770 video card, 16GB Corsair Vengeance memory, an AsRock Z87 Extreme 4 motherboard, and Corsair H110 liquid cooling all wrapped up in a giant Corsair 750D case. It’s honestly half my size. I also put lights in it, because lights are pretty.

3) What software do you use?

iTerm w/ OhMyZsh, Sublime Text 3 (with the lovely itg.flat theme)

4) What do you listen to while working?

If I’m working on something that is super complicated for me I can’t really listen to any music, but aside from that I mostly listen to Sirius XMU (channel 35), My Bloody Valentine, Braid, Jawbreaker, and when I’m trying to stay awake I’ll listen to the Locust or something like that. I track everything on too (lets be friends).

5) Out of all the equipment used, what piece of software/hardware do you feel is the most useful of all?

If it weren’t for git I would be terrified every time I’m finishing up a feature / refactoring old sections of the site, version control is my sanity check. Also, since I’m still learning a lot of the ins and outs of JavaScript, Dash has been my savior when I need to look up different functions I might not be too familiar with and don’t want to switch browser tabs and lose track of what I’m working on.