This post is part of a series where Behance developers talk about the various tools they use to get things done and make ideas happen.

1) Who are you and what do you do at Behance?

Hi There! I’m Sean Dunn and I spend my days at Behance hacking on Javascript with Dave Stein and Alex Lee. Over the last few months I’ve worked on everything from modularizing our front-end codebase to new feature for our users to internal tools that help us get our job done. My newest obsession is improving how we test our site functionality across multiple browsers and Operating Systems.

I recently – May of 2012 – graduated from Marist College with a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science (trust me, I’m not as arrogant as that makes me sound) with a focus in Game Design and Development. Besides being an avid gamer, I’m a programming language junkie and have written more templating language parsers in more languages than I care to admit. Fun Fact: I’ve dated my wife since we were both freshmen in High School (this is here purely for brownie points).

2) What hardware do you use?

I’m extremely lucky to have a 15″ retina Macbook Pro as my main machine. To better appreciate all the code I look at during the day, I connect it to two displays: a 27″ Apple Cinema Display and a 24″ Dell Monitor. I use a Wireless Apple Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, which sits Southpaw on my desk; this tends to baffle my co-workers. To better destroy my hearing, I have a random pair of Logitech headphones connected to a Fiio E10 DAC. There is always some form of notebook and writing instrument on my desk for those times when an earth shattering solution to a complex problem quickly phases in and out of my head.

3) What software do you use?

OS X, MacVim, iTerm2, tmux, git, VirtualBox, Wunderlist, 1Password, Slate, Monosnap, LiveReload, Caffeine, Chrome, Firefox, Kaleidoscope, Mou, Spotify, Instacast, HipChat, iA Writer…the list could go on and on; I use far too many tools to recount here. The majority of my day is spent slinging code in MacVim, being a command line wizard with iTerm2, and “console.log”ing in Chrome’s Dev Tools and Firefox’s Firebug.

4) What do you listen to while working?

My day-to-day listening tends to shift between Electronic, Techno, Rock, and Classical music. When I’m tackling a hard problem, I’m more often than not listening to either Ratatat, Justice, or Daft Punk albums on repeat. I get easily distracted by catchy lyrics so I tend to prefer having robot noises in my ears.

5) Out of all the equipment used, what piece of software/hardware do you feel is the most useful of all?

While I try out new editors constantly, I don’t think I could get any real work done without vim (and my lovely dotfiles that forge it into a one-of-a-kind lightsaber). I was sure it would crush me with its modal editing and plethora of key commands, but have since grown to love the concept of a having a language to write code.