On behalf of the Behance Team, I’m proud to announce the opening of our public API and developer site: . We’ve been internally using a private API for well over a year now, creating our own portfolio website builder, ProSite. With this second version, we’re making it public: the developer community can showcase Behance’s sorted, curated and appreciated work in their own experiences.

This first iteration of the public API allows granular access to projects, users and works in progress by searching a number of different criteria such as popularity, tags, location, creative fields, and more. For example, you can grab a list of projects a top industrial designer has appreciated, or search for all motorcycle projects created in your hometown (trust me, this is a great search).

Our goal is to provide just about every function of Behance through the API, both read and write. To do this, we will soon offer authenticated functionality using industry-standard oAuth 2.0. You’ll be able to use the API to do things like post your own work in progress or stream your activity feed. Stay tuned!

To get started, log into Behance and register your application here. Access to the API is free. Check the documentation here for examples on each endpoint, or make use of our starter libraries in PHP and JS (more to come).

We are eagerly awaiting your feedback, and would be happy to help with any issues you might encounter.

Excited to see what you can come up with. Happy coding!