This post is part of a series where Behance developers talk about the various tools they use to get things done and make ideas happen.

1) Who are you and what do you do at Behance?

Oh hey! My name is Jessica Nicole Lissy, but most people call me Jess. I’m a professional mouse clicker, code stalker, Apple lover, and style enthusiast. I’m originally from New Jersey, but I spent most of my life in Charleston, South Carolina and Orlando, Florida. I’ve also lived in California, Arizona, and Colorado. I like to surf, wakeboard, snowboard, and sport the latest kicks.

Basically what I do at Behance is CSS the “bleep” out of Behance’s Custom Creative Networks (such as Student Show, among others), and all of our Served sites.

2) What hardware do you use?

My set up includes a 27 inch iMac with a 3.4 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor. A Magic Mouse equipped with backwards scroll which I’ve learned irritates the heck out of people so I’m keeping it that way. An additional 27 inch Thunderbolt display. A keyboard minus the number pad to the right, because I enjoy compact things. Lastly it’s a toss up between my Roc Nation Aviator headphones or M&M earbuds

3) What software do you use?

The software constantly in use on the love of my life-my Mac-are TextMate, Cornerstone, Transmit, Terminal, and Alfred. In addition to those guys, I use the following browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and I pop open VirtualBox for IE. Web Developer, Firebug, Pixel Perfect, Pendule, and MeasureIt join my small army of Add-Ons and Extensions. To keep in touch with the Supreme Team, otherwise known as the Behance Devs, I use Adium and HipChat.

4) What do you listen to while working?

Well I heart Nicki Minaj so she’s a daily definite. Dubstep, Mashups, and Hip Hop are must-haves during development. I also keep Screamo in my back pocket for rare occasions. Sometimes accidentally on purpose Selena Gomez shows up. I blame Spotify, however, I’m not mad about it.

5) Out of all the equipment used, what piece of software/hardware do you feel is the most useful of all?

I have to say I would have full blown anxiety if I didn’t have Firebug or Pixel Perfect. The ability to overlay the comp right in the browser window is genius! Otherwise I would be screen capping, bringing it into Photoshop, overlaying it there, checking pixels, adjusting my code, and repeat. Someone get me a paper bag to breathe in. It’s too much to even think about.

I’m just as dramatic about Firebug. I’m a huge fan of having everything in one spot. With Firebug I’m able to debug without having to leave the browser. The combination of Firebug and Pixel Perfect gives me the ability to utilize the saying “smooth sailing,” and everyone wants to use that.