This post is part of a series where Behance developers talk about the various tools they use to get things done and make ideas happen.

1) Who are you and what do you do at Behance?

Hey everybody! My name is Matt LeBrun and I’m the latest addition to the Dev Team over here at @Behance. I graduated school in 2008 and have been building things for the web ever since. Here at Behance, I’ve gotten my hands dirty in a wide range of projects including the new Art Center Gallery, some Network Javascripting, creating some internal documentation, as well as a distributed logging application. Some current side projects are a personal management tool built off Codeigniter and a mobile app for an invoicing service.

As I define my role here, I think my major role is helping out where another developer is needed. I’m very flexible with my range of skills and can hop on most projects with little explanation. With such a great team and great products, I love bouncing around project to project because it keeps everything fresh for me.

2) What hardware do you use?

My setup here is a 2011 iMac with a Corei5 and 8 gigs of RAM. Sitting right next to it vertically is a 24″ Dell 2410 monitor for all the extra sexy real estate for Firebug. I use an Apple wireless keyboard, yes the one that comes with the iMac, nothing fancy. For my mouse I use a Microsoft Intellimouse strictly because I’ve gotten used to the curve from logging a few hours of Counterstrike. Also, I’m always plugged into my first gen iPod Touch for some quality tunes. Oh, I’m not really sure if this counts as “hardware” but I’m always writing important things down in my Action Journal. It really helps me keep track of what I have to do, as well as important tid bits/notes.

3) What software do you use?

Since I start working here, I’ve been trying a whole slew of new software to see what I like the best. From SVN clients (Subclipse, SmartSVN) to editors (Eclipse, TextMate, TextWrangler, Smultron, Coda). Currently, I’m using TextWrangler and SmartSVN in conjunction with OSX’s Terminal, some browsers (Firefox, Chrome, SeaMonkey, Camino), Filezilla (man do I love bookmarks and synchronized browsing — thanks Dmitry), Firebug (as previously mentioned), FirePHP, Colorzilla, MeasureIt!, Selenium and Selenium IDE and potentially some others that I missed.

4) What do you listen to while working?

While at work I’m either listening to one of two things. I’m either listening to Metal/Hardcore (Between the Buried and Me, After the Burial, The Human Abstract, End It All, Within the Ruins, Every Time I Die, Protest the Hero, Austrian Death Machine, The Black Dahlia Murder) or I’m probably listening to something like Minus the Bear, Explosions in the Sky, maybe even some smooth jazz. I’d like to say I like a wide range of music, but that’s a lie. I mostly like Metal, Hardcore and Punk, with random bands thrown in. I just like the fast pace of the heavier genres. I’m always tapping my fingers, my feet, just never… not.. moving. And then usually the other bands are just artists that have catchy melodies yet don’t sound like anything on the radio.

5) Out of all the equipment used, what piece of software/hardware do you feel is the most useful of all?

I think the most useful piece of software(s) would have to be Firebug and FirePHP (which also assume Firefox). I think between those two tools, I have debugged more problems and issues with those two tools than any other tool/utility/service I’ve used before. You can debug local problems, remote problems, XHR problems, anything and everything. Firebug is pretty much a guardian angel over developers. If you aren’t using Firebug, you probably don’t normally build things for the interwebz. Just sayin’. Anyways, that’s about it. This is the best team I’ve ever worked with, and I learn so much every day that I’m here.

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