Let's Talk About Javascript

I’m a ‘JS Engineering Intern’ at Behance. Thus, I must JS. And if you JS for long enough, you shall find darkness.

Load RactiveJS partials inside your templates with ractive-partials

This is an open source plug-in I wrote for a project at Behance to make loading partials easier

Baking Rackspace Public Cloud and Private Openstack Images

Hi friends! Today’s blog post has to do with every sysadmin’s favorite task, baking images (insert sarcasm). In particular we’re going to talk about how to use Packer to bake images for Rackspace Public Cloud, and Private Openstack Cloud.

Multiline Ellipses

It’s been a long struggle for the designers at Behance. Every time there is a long block of text, the struggle is to balance the amount you display versus the amount of screen real estate you’re willing to give up....

How do I test this? : Wild Instantiation

How do I test the following code without hitting the database? (This is php + phpunit btw) Much untestable. Very sad. Wow.

Thoughts from a New Hire

Who Am I? I’m Christian Thomas, a freshly minted backend PHP developer at Bēhance Why Am I Writing This? Well, I’m officially three weeks in. My opinions are the most objective they’ll be for the foreseeable future, and I want...